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Danube Delta in 2010

Danube Delta in 2010
Danube Delta in 2010

vineri, 9 aprilie 2021

Actiunea pilot "RoHILAC", BMR2021

Golden Jackal in Romania, hollistic approach in specific ecological systems located in hunting terrains and Danube Delta

BMR 2021, pilot action

Video and Photo report
Photos in detail: Carlo Galliani (Italy) and Janesz Tarman (Slovenia)

by Ovidiu C. Banea

Between 31st of March 2021 and 5th of April 2021 took place in Romania a bioacoustic monitoring reasearch, BMR2021 in ecological systems specific to golden jackal located in two hunting terrains from western and eastern parts of Romania (FV 2 Cheglevici, Timis county and FV 28 Gura Dobrogei, Constanta county) and in two critical areas in Danube Delta (Caraorman and Letea martime levees) where the density is controlled regularly by Crispus NGO Sibiu.


Credit: RoHilac, BMR2021 © Ovidiu C. Banea & Cosmin A. Țâru

Ecology Department of Crispus NGO Sibiu and Asociația pentru Conservarea Diversității Biologice (ACDB) Vrancea together with Asociația pentru Managementul Ecosistemelor Harghita are proposing RoHilac project, a three year study in Romania, on natural areas in hunting terrains and Danube Delta.

During "BMR2021" a total number of 35 calling stations were installed in a study area of 40.000 ha. Density of 0,7-3,3 territorial groups / 10km2 were calculated. In 2010-2011, Crispus NGO conducted the first survey in hunting terrains and Danube Delta. 

Using acoustic methods in 2010-2011, first estimates of jackal densities for Romania were 1.41-1.74 territorial groups/10 km2 in areas from Giurgiu, 0.59-0.73 territorial group/10 km2 on the hunting terrain from Calarasi County, 0.46-0.52 territorial groups/10 km2 in Dobrogea (Dobrudzha) and 1.56-1.74 territorial groups/10 km2 in Danube Delta maritime levees (0.55-0.61 territorial groups/10 km2 for Grindul Chituc and 2.36-2.64 territorial groups/10 km2 for Grindul Lupilor).

Before 15th of April 2021, Crispus NGO Sibiu, ACDB and Danube Delta Biopshere Reserve Authority (DDBRA) will resume a TECHNICAL REPORT of actual Golden Jackal density in Danube Delta.

Dudeștii Vechi, Timis county

Timis county


Iron Gate

Tulcea county, with Mr Ion Munteanu,
Guvernor of Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority

Tulcea, with Dr Mihai Marinov, DDBRA

Danube Delta



Caraorman maritime levee, Red fox and Golden jackal den
with Ranger Florin


Ovidiu C. Banea, Elena Buhaciuc Ioniță, Cosmin A. Țâru

Ovidiu C. Banea, Jozsef-Tamás Fodor, Attila Farkas

Ovidiu C. Banea and Cosmin A. Țâru
after a meeting with Romanian Environmental Board Authority
Bucharest, 5th of April 2021

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