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Departamentul de Ecologie al ONG Crispus Sibiu

Danube Delta in 2010

Danube Delta in 2010
Danube Delta in 2010

sâmbătă, 7 iulie 2012

WANAX II, JET-F and JERP proposal

WANAX II, summer stage of golden jackal monitoring organized by Ecology Department of NGO Crispus Sibiu. REPORT and JET-F PROCESS
Between 15th and 24th of June 2012 took place final preliminary actions for jackal´s ecology studies in natural areas of central and SE Europe. The main objectives were to communicate project proposal and to sign Partnership for future actions with institutions which will be part of JERP (Jackal´s Ecology Research Project). We also invited partners to be part of JET-F (Jackal´s Ecology Task Force) group of work, with 15 members invited, which pretend to start broader activities and to communicate research activities for jackal´s populations in countries of central and SE Europe. We did observations in natural areas of Danube Delta, Elkhovo Bulgaria, Evros Delta Greece, Zlato Pole Bird Reserve on Maritza River, Sava meanders near Belgrade.
1) New records We found new area of study in Danube Delta, near St George locality (see fotoreport). Interesting data we will check with analysis of diet in this region. Human wildlife conflict is now a real challenge for Danube Delta. We also identified jackal´s footprints on both lateral sides and inside of Evros (Maritza) Delta in Greece.

2) Improving method In Danube Delta we got responses to bioacoustic stimulation during daytime and near Belgrade we obtained responses from 6 groups in 3 calling stations (see report) during end of June. This tell us that Giannatos Method of acoustic monitoring is useful during summer if high densities of jackals, but also can be used during daytime if human populations and activities are absent or low represented.
3) JET-F and JERP During this stage 8 members and/or Institutions signed JET-F

We start from Sibiu, central part of Romania and we did on roads about 3300 km. This Wanax II, summer stage was no finnanced and had no material support. Members of NGO Crispus Sibiu, Wild Bulgaria NGO and Biosphere Society Athens participated on the final preliminary actions for JERP.

With Dr Biol Dumitru Murariu, general manager of NHM "Grigore Antipa" Bucharest.

Small video recorded at the beginning of June 2012, in Elkhovo by Krassimir Kurtev and Stanislav Petrov, our collegues from NGO Wild Bulgaria.

somewhere in Danube Delta

La Caru cu bere

Thracian Tomb. The antique beehive tomb in the town of Pomorie is a cultural monument of national and world significance. It was built back in II – III century and represents an original combination of a typical Thracian beehive tomb and a Roman mausoleum.
Dr A Delgado, after breakfast in Balchik, Bulgaria
Sulina, mid branch of the Danube Delta
Nimphaea alba
Haliaeetus albicilla Erenciuc reserve area

Casa Ramona, welcoming at Sfantu Gheorghe localty tel 0040751750634, we found hospitality and willingness to share knowledge about  great places

Cattle on the left bank of St George branch of Danube, where reaching Black Sea
The right bank, with birds. Here we found jackal's droppings and footprints

Human Wildlife Conflict

Pelecanus onocrotalus
Phalacrocorax carbo
Marble table from 2d cent AD at Arqueological Museum in Constanta

Dr Delgado using internet with the help of members from Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Administration
Piata Ovidiu and museum in Constanta
Habitat specific (1) Danube Delta & Black Sea
Habitat specific (2) Evros Delta & Aegean Sea

Habitat specific (3)
Habitat specific (4)
Meal in Elkhovo, Yambol Province with Mr Nesko
European badger Meles meles footprint
Canis aureus footprint
Canis familiaris versus Canis aureus
All photos need special permit for reproduction
Protected area in Evros Delta, Habitat specific (5)
Rest of bird near jackal specific trail, Evros (Maritza) Delta
Aurelio and Giorgos, looking around
Again in Elkhovo, day field observations in the area of recent video recording of golden jackal specimen by our collegues Krassimir Kurtev and Stanislav Petrov from Wild Bulgaria NGO. Habitat specific (6)

Discussions about JERP and JET-F, scared after a little incidence with local autorities.

Meles meles at Topolovgrad
Inside Zlato Pole bird reserve with Mr Giannatos, Bulgaria

We agree...
Prof Dr Nikolai Spassov and Dr Vet Vasil Ivanov helping us with identification of 4 samples of jackal's excrements, collected in a new area of jackal settlemnet, near Sfantu Ghoerghe. We found bird feathers and rodents' small bones like mandibula and teeth.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia

Habitat specific (7) Serbia
Near Sava with Dr Dusko Cirovic, we got responses from 6 groups of jackals in 3 calling stations. This allow us to say that Giannatos technique could be used if high density areas in June.
Nautik Selo, 20 km far from Belgrade, floating rooms on Sava river. Resting time before las day journey to Sibiu, central Romania
Belgrade Parlament building
University of Belgrade, Serbia
More than 600 hundreds skulls of jackals wait for shape analysis in laboratory.

Drophilaria sp, jackal's heart muscle parasite found in several specimens, Serbia
Dr Dusko Cirovic with MSc Aleksandra Penezic, Belgrade Serbia
Close to Sibiu, about 100 km until the next stop.
We invited 15 members for JET-F Jackal's Ecology Task Force. Until now 9 members had signed the protocol and partnership for broader activities regarding jackal's ecology studies.

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